Friday, July 30, 2010

Simplifying Technical Marketing

by Marc Diebold, President & CEO

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all known someone who is a really nice person but has the annoying habit of talking too much. We might end up feeling guilty about this, but what happens at times is that we sort of tune them out, and, in the process, maybe miss something really important they said.

It’s the same way with industrial marketing communications. Some companies simply talk too much and lose their audience’s attention.

This can take many forms…an ad with too much copy, a cluttered brochure with small pictures and type so small you have to strain to read it, or, my personal favorite, PowerPoint slides loaded with content.

When it comes to selling technical products, it’s often one or two compelling things that, if communicated effectively, can make the difference between a successful marketing project or campaign and one that fails to produce results.

So, next time you take on a communications project, try simplifying it by focusing on saying the things that really make a difference about your product or service. You just might get more people to listen.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

IMTS Right Around The Corner

IMTS is right around the corner, and several dgs clients are gearing up for a great show. If you're planning to attend, don't miss the chance to experience these great companies up close and personal. Visit these booths:

Exsys Tool - W-1474
GF AgieCharmilles - S-8754 and E-4440
Mazak Corporation - S-8300
MSC Industrial Direct - W-1464
OMAX Corporation - N-6228
REGO-FIX - W-2364
Sandvik Coromant - W-1500

As with every IMTS, dgs will be on hand to ensure that our clients have a successful show. We will be providing public relations services throughout the duration of the event, and we're working hard now on graphics, booth designs, web promotions and a slew of collateral material.

If we can help you, give us a call.