Thursday, December 3, 2009

THIS JUST IN - More Trends to Watch According to CNN (Can you keep up?)

Ever wonder what the next best thing will be in terms of electronic communication? Well, this just in from CNN contributor and founder and CEO of Mashable:

One to keep your eye on, the up and comer Foursquare. They're coming out of the woodwork, my friends. How do we keep up? Better yet, how do we identify the useful and meaningful sites among all the 'me too' sites that crop up seemingly daily.

It's an excellent (and challenging) question.

Twitter has proven its worth in the minds of most as a great push mechanism. MySpace seems to have gone the way of the Beta tape and Facebook, well, it's turned the word 'friend' into a verb.

We wonder... when will it end? Will it end?

We'd love to hear from you? How do you use social media? Does it work?

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